New TRICAD MS Release 2021.0 with “SmartContinue” feature

The new TRICAD MS 2021.0 that was released on May 3, 2021 comes with ground-breaking new features. The proven 3D CAD solution for demanding building services engineering and plant design projects based on Bentley’s MicroStation now also supports OpenBuildings Designer. VenturisIT’s latest release of its design software also introduces a number of other new features that give users end-to-end consistency and with it more profitability. The new “SmartContinue” feature, for example, was designed to reduce screen travel by about 30 percent.

TRICAD MS 2021.0 comes with groundbreaking new features: in addition to MicroStation, it now also supports Bentely’s OpenBuildings Designer as a platform.

“Smart Continue” is a true innovation enhancing the latest release of VenturisIT’s 3D CAD software: it is designed to think ahead for the user to determine which component they will most likely need in their next step and make it available to them proactively. This eliminates some 30 percent of screen travel and saves users many clicks, significantly speeding up their work and with it their profitability. Can you imagine?

Freely definable assignment tables now allow users to pass on room information such as room name, room number, volume flows, or heating and cooling load data to TRICAD MS. Room books can now be created with just a few clicks.

All of these innovations in TRICAD MS 2021.0 have a common thread: to help users work seamlessly and consistently. This is also ensured by the sophisticated interfaces in accordance with the IFC standard and ISOGEN, which guarantee the perfect transfer of designs to third-party CAD software and prefabrication. TRICAD MS 2021.0 gives companies a forward-looking approach to building their data models that guarantees seamless integration with any subsequent steps in their building information modeling (BIM) process and enables them to use their designs in the creation of digital twins.
The new TRICAD MS logo, a fresh new design, and a completely revised website represent VenturisIT’s focus on the future.

TRICAD MS is a brand of VenturisIT GmbH, a subsidiary of TTP Group. With TRICAD MS, we have been developing 3D CAD solutions for demanding building ser-vices engineering and plant design projects since 1983. We are dedicated to simplifying the way our customers design building services and plants by allowing them work smarter, faster and more efficiently.

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