Buy expertise and put it right to work

We draw on expertise from decades of experience to show you how to get your project right from the start and to think it all the way through to the end – to prevent you from hitting dead ends.

Let us work hand in hand to configure your building services engineering projects in perfect alignment with BIM.

That way you

  • have more time to put your technical skills to work.
  • get consistent data, eliminating the need to coordinate every little thing.
  • can look forward to a more relaxed project delivery, ensuring an optimal customer experience.

This is the only way to achieve consistency right through to operation. With TRICAD MS, you can implement complete design environments along with the interfaces you need. That way everyone works from a single source of truth that ensures information is accurate.



All disciplines are defined and controlled (in a standardized or customized fashion) through your central, digital guideline.

With an environent, that is, a (customer-) specific environment, you take full control over your design projects. As a client, you get to coordinate all project participants. This makes your project delivery much cheaper, faster, and more precise, which in turn results is significant efficiency gains.

Your project partners work according to your specifications: settings, folder structures, layer structures, building services engineering object libraries. You make these available digitally. In this way, your specifications for building services engineering suppliers can be implemented in an intuitive and reliable way.

All settings for your project are centrally defined in a “TRICAD MS env”.
  • Line types, line widths, colors, levels, materials, manufacturers, text styles and dimensioning styles

  • All media types such as supply air, exhaust air, flow, return, etc.

  • Pipe materials and insulation (including fire protection insulation)
  • Object libraries / cells with manufacturer data
  • Templates for Excel reports (parts lists, room book, BIM object browser, import / export)

  • Data masks (User Pages)

  • IFC import / export settings

  • Quality inspection rules

Goal: A unified and straightforward work experience for all project participants


An important basis for deadlines and operators

Consistency from design to operation

No BIM and digital twin without consistency based on complete design process?

Concepts such as “Building Information Modeling” (BIM) or “Digital Twins” have one goal in particular: the digital twin or Building Information Modeling of a building or plant construction project. Surprising: You can get there faster than you think. The key is consistency from design to operation. TRICAD MS gives you the tools you need. Learn more in our technical report.

There’s a lot of talk about BIM and digital twins. We take concrete steps with you. Work hand in hand with our consultants to ensure the successful outcome of your projects from day one.


Project management

The start phase of your project in particular is crucial for the long-term success of the implementation. It is important to set realistic expectations and formulate clear goals. In order to carry out your project, we offer you support during this critical period of time. Even beyond that if you wish.


Of course, you want to use your investment productively in your projects as quickly as possible. To this end, we support you with the quick and stable implementation of the appropriate solution in your project environment. This includes the seamless integration of the functionality into your existing environment – in organizational as well as in technical terms. We are also happy to offer you this service with an update workshop so that not only the software is up to date.


With our integration know-how, we are able to precisely integrate the applications we offer into your application landscape.

Migration support for new versions

Software also has a lifecycle and your requirements will certainly change from time to time. We always make sure that your TRICAD MS is up-to-date and that it perfectly meets your project requirements.

Regardless of whether you are planning the version migration to a new release or the change from other systems to MicroStation / OpenBuildings Designer and TRICAD MS, our experience and our know-how will help you to make the system change quickly, accurately and without any loss of quality (processes, data, employees) to organize.

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