The leading industry solution for your building services engineering needs

TRICAD MS is an application based on MicroStation or OpenBuildings Designer.

Based on our product TRICAD MS and Bentley platforms you can accelerate design processes across all disciplines. Control your design processes on the basis of custom environments.

Regardless of whether both are newly implemented together or whether you want to expand an existing MicroStation/OpenBuildings Designer installation with TRICAD MS, TRICAD MS tunes your building services design environment across all disciplines.


TRICAD MS offers the following modules for building services engineering:


Design for execution right from the start

BIM creates added value in that people, processes and tools interact in a target-oriented manner over the entire life cycle of a building using virtual and intelligent 3D models. In this way, a building project gains visiblity, quality, cost and deadline security.

Use three possible ways to make your models BIM-compatible: Either you decide on one way, or you combine the best of the three possibilities for a quick and complete implementation.

Create project-specific import / export lists for processing external lists from Microsoft Office
Fill in the flat shapes imported from IFC files. Use freely configurable settings to inherit attributes to TRICAD MS elements
Complete attributes using the BIM object browser


Exceptional engineering expertise is best tapped with powerful engineering software.

TRICAD MS, based on Bentley platforms, offers you a complete tool set for software-supported design, execution and operations preparation for buildings.

The key advantage: identical handling across all disciplines.

In addition, the data is available at every stage of the process, so it only has to be entered once. This saves you time and prevents input errors.

The advantages of the integrated and networked TRICAD MS planning package are obvious: With the help of a standard environment, all project participants can work together and according to the same guidelines.

End-to-end integrated process from design to assembly across more than 10 main disciplines
Simple introduction and intuitive usability
Interfaces: Calculations, IFC, ISOGEN®
Widespread prevention of collisions by the designer
Different views and bills of quantities at the touch of a button
Identical handling across all disciplines


For calculations you can use the solutions of our partners Solar Computer, mh-software and IDAT via interfaces in TRICAD MS.

Other interfaces:

  • ISOGEN® – for creating isometrics in HVAC and Piping 3D

  • DIALux – light planning software; Interface in the Electric 3D module
  • Speedikon – spatial data can be taken over from Speedikon and penetrations can be exported to Speedikon

This shows the extensive range of options avaiable to you with the integrated design environment of TRICAD MS.


Precision intelligence for you to deliver outstanding results!

TRICAD MS provides you with everything you need to create your best designs.


What distinguishes this 3D design tool from the user's point of view?

From a purely economic point of view, one of the advantages of TRICAD MS is the comparatively low investment and follow-up costs, according to many customers - other tools deter with operating costs that are three to five times as high. Cheaper tools offer only limited functions. TRICAD MS stands out with the best price-performance ratio, that is, with moderate costs, a wide range of features, and all the modules you need for your design processes. The technology ´under the hood of TRICAD MS´, Bentley's MicroStation or OpenBuildings Designer platform, is appreciated as a ´great driving force´ with outstanding graphics.


Unleash the full power

All TRICAD MS modules are fully integrated into the underlying CAD platforms MicroStation and OpenBuildings Designer. This means that the entire range of features of these platforms is also available to you in our software.

These include, among others:

  • Accudraw
  • Reference technology
  • 2D/3D PDF output
  • Standard interfaces such as DWG, DNG, DXF, IGES, STEP etc.
  • Wide range of image formats (tiff, bmp, jpg etc.)
  • Visualization
  • Collision checks (optional)

Furthermore, you can use many additional features with TRICAD MS, such as setting up floor heights as well as installation levels or defining design angles and much more. Edit the settings files located in TRICAD MS to adapt the system to your individual CAD guidelines.

The 3D modules are the ideal tool for model-oriented design and modification of highly complex plants and control centers. The size of the plant at hand is irrelevant. The automatic generation of shadow and floor symbols as well as hidden edges, dimensioning, positioning and mass evaluation is identical in all TRICAD MS building systems.