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TRICAD MS is an application based on Bentley systems

With our products TRICAD MS and Bentley platforms, you can accelerate design processes across all disciplines. Control your design processes on the basis of custom environments.

Regardless of whether both are newly implemented together or whether you want to expand an existing MicroStation installation with TRICAD MS, TRICAD MS tunes your design environment across all disciplines.


TRICAD MS offers the following modules for plant design:


    Exceptional engineering expertise is best tapped with powerful engineering software.

    TRICAD MS, based on Bentley platforms, offers you a complete tool set for software-supported design, execution and operations preparation for plants.

    The key advantage: identical handling across all disciplines.

    In addition, the data is available at every stage of the process, so it only has to be entered once. This saves you time and prevents input errors.

    The advantages of the integrated and connected TRICAD MS design package are obvious: With the help of a standard environment, your designers can work together from the same guidelines.

    End-to-end integrated process from design to assembly across more than 10 main disciplines
    Simple introduction and intuitive usability
    End-to-end design (P&ID → 3D → ISO)
    Interfaces: Calculations, IFC, ISOGEN®
    Widespread prevention of collisions by the designer
    Different views and bills of quantities at the touch of a button
    Identical handling across all disciplines
    Smart design even without a database

    Accelerated high-quality design

    In view of high order backlogs and limited availability of skilled labor, TRICAD MS takes a plant engineering approach that continuously increases your productivity in order to realize even the most complex plants with the available resources.
    With this unique software, you take advantage of intuitive operation for basic or detailed engineering, block flow diagrams, P&I diagrams or 3D layout planning across all design stages. The modular structure allows you to work concurrently across different planning stages.


    Precision intelligence for you to deliver outstanding results!

    TRICAD MS provides you with everything you need to create your best designs.

    Stored data for more planning intelligence.
    Well thought-out structures help you organize and store data. All design data relevant to you is defined once and available from a single source of truth. This results in shorter design times which in turn increases your competitiveness.

    With TRICAD MS Plant Design, individual options for expansion and customization are available to you even without specific expertise or additional coding. These ensure the high flexibility of the application.


    End-to-end integration and straightforward implementation.
    The advantages of an integrated and connected design package are obvious: With several licences throughout the company, you create a standard environment (env) for all modules. Internal and external designers can then work in line with these company standards.

    Each module is structured in the same way. All information is contained in the DGN file and can be transferred to a database for further use at any time. In this way, the TRICAD MS 3D model represents the complete plant.


    Design plants on the basis of modular concepts

    Certain basic functions are repeated throughout such systems in order to optimize processing and assembly times. The central idea is to make a tried and tested solution the standard and to complete the project more quickly and predictably by means of copy & paste followed by plug & play. This also facilitates documentation for qualification and validation in highly regulated industries.

    The design tool required for this must be able to translate the designer’s expertise into an intelligent 3D model.
    TRICAD MS is a high-performance design tool that improves your desginers’ productivity by

    • preventing errors (collision checks, data is only entered once in an integrated tool)
    • allowing them to reuse existing designs of plant components (think modular plant design),
    • enabling them to work concurrently across all disciplines


    What distinguishes this 3D design tool from the user's point of view?

    From a purely economic point of view, one of the advantages of TRICAD MS is the comparatively low investment and follow-up costs, according to many customers - other tools deter with operating costs that are three to five times as high. Cheaper tools offer only limited functions. TRICAD MS stands out with the best price-performance ratio, that is, with moderate costs, a wide range of features, and all the modules you need for your design processes. The technology ´under the hood of TRICAD MS´, Bentley's MicroStation or OpenBuildings Designer platform, is appreciated as a ´great driving force´ with outstanding graphics.


    Unleash the full power

    All TRICAD MS modules are fully integrated into the underlying CAD platforms MicroStation and OpenBuildings Designer (for HVAC). This means that the entire range of features of these platforms is also available to you in our software.

    These include, among others:

    • Accudraw
    • Reference technology
    • 2D/3D PDF output
    • Standard interfaces such as DWG, DNG, DXF, IGES, STEP etc.
    • Wide range of image formats (tiff, bmp, jpg etc.)
    • Visualization
    • Collision checks (optional)

    Furthermore, you can use many additional features with TRICAD MS, such as setting up floor heights as well as installation levels or defining design angles and much more. Edit the settings files located in TRICAD MS to adapt the system to your individual CAD guidelines.

    The 3D modules are the ideal tool for model-oriented design and modification of highly complex plants and control centers. The size of the plant at hand is irrelevant. The automatic generation of shadow and floor symbols as well as hidden edges, dimensioning, positioning and mass evaluation is identical in all TRICAD MS building systems.