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TRICADms is your 3D CAD software for building services engineering and plant design based on Bentley Systems

At VenturisIT, we are creative engineers. We are always ready to break new ground to continuously improve our software. We do this with flexibility, foresight, and a customer-oriented mindset.
With TRICADms, we have established the leading 3D CAD software solution for building services engineering and plant design. More than 500 customers around the world rely on TRICADms and our in-depth expertise.

TRICADms for more efficiency and planning reliability

We are dedicated to simplifying the way our customers design building services and plants by allowing them work smarter, faster, and more economically. Through this, we pave the way for the efficient implementation of sustainable projects throughout their entire lifecycles.
Our goal is to shape digital transformation trends in our core market. We are enthusiastic about topics like BIM (Building Information Modeling), digital twins, and the further development of modularization in design.

High performing – intuitive – modular – consistent – customizable

A key feature of TRICADms is the ability to take an integrated design approach across all disciplines. The integration of calculation algorithms completes every design.


About us

The management team at VenturisIT GmbH has over 50 years of combined experience in the fields of CAD, building services engineering, and plant design.
But the impact of our software and services can only be fully realized in a strong and dedicated team. We have been successful since 1983 and building on our experience to shape the future ever since.

You are what drives us. With you and software tailored to your needs, we create the ideal foundation for your reference projects. Get in touch with us.



Expertise and experience to drive growth - together

The management team at VenturisIT GmbH has over 50 years of combined experience in the fields of CAD, building services engineering and plant design. But the impeact of our software and services can only be realized in a strong and authentic team that includes all VenturisIT employees.

We are proud of the problem-solving skills of our team and want to create the future of 3D planning that supports future concepts such as building information modeling and digital twins in the best possible way.
Stefan Eisen
Stefan Eisen
Don’t find fault,
find a remedy.
Henry Ford


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Sales and Consulting Switzerland

ITandFactory AG
Solution provider specializing in plant design that develops and sells engineering software

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Would you like to become a VenturisIT sales and professional service partner? Your company already sells Bentley Systems software? Do you have in-depth expertise in the field of building services engineering and / or plant design? Then let’s talk.

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VenturisIT and TRICAD MS - a reliable partner

  • 2022
    New CEO Stefan Eisen / new supported TRICADms Platform: OpenBuildings Speedikon
  • 2021
    New corporate design / OpenBuildings Designer added to supported TRICADms platforms
  • 2020
    Focus on MEP and Plant Design
  • 2018
    IFC Export certification with buildingSmart
  • 2017
    20-year anniversary of TRICAD MS and BIM-compliant design / 10-year anniversary of VenturisIT GmbH / Membership buildingSMART eV / Partner Excellence Award 2017 from Bentley
  • 2016
    Completes all interfaces with Solar Computer for bidirectional use / TRICAD MS is used in 30 countries / Partner Excellence Award 2016 from Bentley
  • 2015
    VenturisIT wins Bentley Channel Leadership Award 2015
  • 2014
    Enters cooperation with Solar Computer to incoporate calculations for building services
  • 2013
    TRICAD MS is used in 27 countries; in German, English, Spanish and French
  • 2011
    Significantly expands international business into an important pillar for TRICAD MS / TRIPLAN relies on TRICAD MS Piping as the standard in plant design
  • 2009
    Continued plant design development of TRICAD MS with pipe class management and database
  • 2008
    TRICAD MS Version 8.0 ReDesign on MicroStation XM
  • 2007
    ITandFactory is spun off; VenturisIT specializes in TRICAD MS and MicroStation
  • 2006
    TRICAD MS goes international; English version available, Spanish and French versions to follow
  • 2003
    ITandFactory GmbH is founded / Oursources the CAD department in the field of building technology, factory and plant design (TRICAD MS and CADISON) / ConsolidatesIT activities in Bad Soden, Germany
  • 2002
    IT-GmbH is outsourced
  • 2000
    Acquires CADISON and A&H
  • 1999
    TRIPLAN AG is founded/ Fraport uses the TRICAD MS Buildings Engineering / IMTECH Germany uses TRICAD MS
  • 1997
    Lifecycle database development for TRIPLAN
  • 1996
    Multi-purpose plant with dedicated module technology
  • 1995
    TRIPLAN Prague / Czech. Republic is founded/ TRICAD MS Buildings Engineering on MicroStation (technology leader)
  • 1991
    TRIPLAN Linz / Austria is founded
  • 1989
    TRICAD Buildings Engineering software is first developed
  • 1985
    TRICAD software is launched to market (technology leadership)
  • 1983
    TRICAD CAD software development starts
  • 1970
    TRIPLAN Switzerland is founded
  • 1967
    TRIPLAN is founded