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Most construction projects typically involve members of various trades and companies. From architect to structural engineer to building services designer. During specialist design reviews, issues arise that need to be resolved by one or more team members.

For HVAC/MEP and plant design, VenturisIT has already been offering the feature to work with BCF (BIM Collaboration Format) within TRICAD MS for years. Until now, you obtained it as an add-on to our IFC interface.

Now you can order as many licenses for the BCF Manager for TRICAD MS as you like – independent from the IFC interface.

MicroStation is already being used in more and more openBIM projects due to its exceptional integration capabilities, and now there is yet another compelling aspect.

The actual models may be exchanged via an “open standard” (IFC). IFC contains data (GUIDs) associated with the model and building objects, but is not suitable for documenting issues or workflows. BCF (BIM Collaboration Format), on the other hand, is an open file format that allows text comments, snapshots, etc. to be added beyond the IFC model layer to improve communication between stakeholders. This way, communication is kept separate from the model itself.

Efficient user interface

The user interface displays all the information required to create and resolve issues in a clear overview, as a list or as scalable tiles. You can access all issue properties while creating or editing issues. When connected to the BIMcollab Cloud, the transparent issue filter ensures that you never miss an assigned issue.

The section field feature increases your productivity when identifying issues by showing you the context of the selected items.

What does BCF mean?

Our well-known IFC interface comes with one free BCF Manager license. Collisions can be displayed and managed in TRICAD MS or pure MicroStation using the BIM Collab BCF Manager.

BCF managers are plug-ins for BIM applications. They enable the creation, filtering and retrieval of issues directly from within the BIM model.

With BIMcollab Cloud, issues may be synchronized and shared with team members.

Review solutions, track markers, provide feedback and use an approval workflow – the user interface provides a clear overview of all the information needed to create and resolve issues. All issue properties are accessible while creating / editing issues. This provides a transparent connection to the BIMcollab cloud to filter and review assigned issues.