Check design files for the specified standards


  • Check of MicroStation / OpenBuildings Designer elements (color, level, etc.)
  • Verification of TRICAD MS intelligence / version
  • Creation of test reports
  • Batch run across multiple files
  • Testing of open strings
  • Statistics function
Image module

Use the quality tool to review design files for the specified company standards.

You can check the design files for your own rules (e.g. level assignment, colors, line types, line thickness, font type, text styles, etc.) or the TRICAD MS env of the company. After the review, the design file is stamped.

Use the statistics function for the initial checks of the design file. It checks the plausibility of the pipe connections and open strings.

Data from the TRICAD MS test mask can be used as tags or object types, e.B. for digital twins.

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