A joint database for joint success


  • Loss-free data exchange with analysis tools
  • Structured definition of transfer parameters
  • Certified IFC interface
  • Support for the exchange of geometry information between architecture applications and calculation programs
  • Bi-directional synchronization

Significance of the IFC interface of TRICAD MS for the database of the entire project

TRICAD MS is the leading tool for business service engineering.

One reason for that: the loss-free exchange of data with analysis tools. The data can even be synchronized bidirectionally so that changes in both CAD and calculation are always up to date.

  • The IFC format (Industry Foundation Classes) has proven itself as an ideal way to exchange of geometry information between architecture applications and calculation programs.
  • Structured definition of transfer parameters
  • The IFC data can be read into calculation programs as well as into TRICAD MS for further use.

The certified IFC interface and the stored standards for sprinklers such as FOC and FM make TRICAD MS the tool of choice.

The IFC interface is available including the BCF interface. Collisions in TRICAD MS can be made visible via the BIM Collab BCF Manager.

Since the IFC files cannot be used directly by the architect in many cases, they are modified in the Solar Tool, for example, so that they can be used consistently for TGA.

Certification for IFC Export

VenturisIT has been registered with buildingSmart as certified software for IFC export since September 2018. We have obtained the IFC export certification for the following disciplines:: heating, cooling, ventilation, sanitary, sprinklers and electric. We created and submitted a dedicated data model for each discipline.

Here you can find us in buildingSmart’s list of “Certified Software”.

IFC export certification