Design and evaluate complete heating systems in 3D


  • Automatic alignment of fittings with manifolds at the same height
  • Intelligent components (manufacturer-specific or neutral)
  • High performance for complex building systems
  • Heating pipe network pre-dimensioning
  • Bill of quantities for all components, pipelines and insulation
  • Interface with Solar Computer heating pipe network calculation
  • Integrated radiator layout design according to BDH EN 442
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This building module will help you design and evaluate complete heating systems in 3D.

For floor plan-oriented applications, use the existing connection routines to connect pipes directly to risers, radiators or boiler tanks. Benefit from integrated radiator layouts according to BDH EN 442, a comprehensive selection of hierarchically structured parameterized components and comprehensive standard libraries.

The Report Manager, which is available as an add-on module, allows you to create freely definable bills of materials and export them to Excel, for example. You specify which information in the TRICAD MS Info Dialog should be evaluated for each component.

Add-on module for Calculations: The designer uses TRICAD MS to draw the heating pipe network. The “Radiator Piping Network Calculation” (Order No. H59) program by SOLAR-COMPUTER can then be used to

  • generate a calculation model,
  • add required calculation parameters (manufacturer data VDI 3805)
  • calculate and dimension the heating pipe network where necessary.

Relevant results and product information are entered into TRICAD MS. Bidirectionality is supported even when drawing and calculation are active at the same time, e.g. to search for elements in the drawing when they are of interest during calculation; and vice versa.

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