TRICAD MS May Release 2021.0

Make your building services engineering and plant design projects a more profitable and immersive experience!

On May 3, 2021, our memorable TRICAD MS Release 2021.0 has pioneering milestones in store for you. Our 3D CAD software for demanding building services engineering and plant design projects based on Bentley’s MicroStation now also supports OpenBuildings Designer. Additional new features give you end-to-end consistency and with it more profitability. The new “SmartContinue” feature, for example, was designed to reduce screen travel by approximately 30 percent.

“SmartContinue” is a true innovation that comes with VenturisIT’s new 3D CAD software version: it thinks ahead for you and intelligently determines which component you will most likely need in your next work step and makes it available to you in a proactive fashion. This reduces screen travel by roughly 30 percent and saves you many clicks. This will make you work faster and, consequently, more profitably.

With freely definable assignment tables, you can now also pass on room information such as room name, room number, makes, types, volume flows or heating and cooling load data to TRICAD MS. You can create room books with just a few clicks!

TRICAD MS 2021.0 also gives you more consistency. This is also ensured by the sophisticated interfaces in accordance with the IFC standard and ISOGEN®, which guarantee a perfect transfer of your designs to third-party CAD software and prefabrication. If you build your data model with foresight with TRICAD MS 2021.0, you invest cleverly in the following process steps of consistent Building Information Modeling (BIM). What’s more, your designs can also be used to create digital twins.


Software download

As always, you can download this new release from our download area.

For detailed information, please refer to our release notes, which are also available in the download area.

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