TRICAD MS Version 2023.0 – RFA-Update

Many planners are facing the challenge of being confronted with the task of accessing components quickly and easily from a wide range of sources. We have taken care of this matter:

When incorporating RFA files into TRICAD MS Version 2023.0, the new Import Wizard creates catalogue entries reflecting each and every type defined in the RFA, and saves them with all assignment settings as a library record.

Using the new Import Wizard, RFA data can be saved including additional BIM information.

In other words, the properties contained in each RFA and their values are saved in a library entry, and can then be conveniently placed into the TRICAD MS models right from the cell selector.

TRICAD MS now supports the standard content provided by Revit families!

From selecting the RFA file all the way to the result:

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Webinar on the release of TRICAD MS Version 2023.0

For anyone who would like to watch the webinar again or missed it live, a recording is available here.

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