Spring awakening – TRICAD MS 2023.0 is out

The new TRICAD MS version 2023.0 has it all, the release has been made available to our TRICAD MS customers as of today.

Innovation is the guiding principle behind TRICAD MS version 2023.0, which offers the following new functions, among others: Convenient integration of REVIT / RFA families with the TRICAD MS cell selector. By integrating the Cadenas 3D component catalogue, we are expanding your access to intelligent engineering data, while we are enabling even more intuitive work by extending the popular SmartContinue function.

In addition, we now offer element manipulation via the MicroStation handles, as well as an enhanced visualisation of TRICAD MS elements in Navisworks. The mapping of all TRICAD MS attributes in Navisworks and Revizto also became possible with version 2023.0.

Another highlight is the data display by means of colour gradient in air duct network calculations, e.g. pressure loss and velocity.

Pre-production in HVAC and plant design has been simplified by the expansion of the ISOGEN® interface.

A more extensive text function as well as a pop-up menu are yet more features you have been waiting for.

The most important innovations at a glance, for a taste of spring air:

  • Import of REVIT / RFA families
  • Integration of the Cadenas 3D component catalogue
  • Enhanced SmartContinue
  • Integration of a TRICAD MS screen pop-up menu
  • TRICAD MS element manipulation by means of MicroStation handles
  • Extended depiction of all TRICAD MS elements in Navisworks
  • Mapping of all TRICAD MS attributes in Navisworks and Revizto
  • Display by colour gradient in air duct network calculation: pressure loss, velocity etc.
  • ISOGEN® interface extension for pre-production in HVAC and plant design
  • Enhanced text and annotation functionality

With this release we have once more been able to fulfil many customer requests, come and see for yourself.

After Bentley’s Virtuosity rental option has proven itself for over a year – meaning that licences can now be flexibly rented for a year depending on project needs – without SELECT – you may now also choose to subscribe to TRICAD MS licences for 12 months, just as you would with Bentley’s software. You can schedule this simultaneously with or independently of your Bentley procurement.

TRICAD MS Version 2023.0 Release Webinar

For those who would like to watch the webinar again or missed it live, a recording is available here.

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