Strategic realignment within the TTP Group

As a subsidiary of TTP GmbH, there was a lot going on at VenturisIT GmbH last year. Now the well-known system house has started the new year with renewed vigor and is presenting an adapted strategic corporate orientation that clearly focuses on customer requirements and further growth. TTP board member Dr. Andreas Bonhoff explains the connections.

VenturisIT now has the chance to achieve even greater things. In which structure is VenturisIT embedded within the TTP Group?

In the TTP Group, the service activities of the Triplan and Pharmaplan companies have been brought together under one roof. In addition to the activities of VenturisIT as a software system house, the service focus of the TTP Group is particularly in engineering for the chemical, petrochemical and pharmaceutical industries with a focus on Europe.

What are the goals of TTP?

With the strong Triplan and Pharmaplan brands, we are striving for a leading role as an engineering service provider for the chemical and pharmaceutical industries in Europe. With VenturisIT we want to further expand our market position as a quality-oriented system house for special planning software across industries.

What does this mean in concrete terms VenturisIT?

VenturisIT is a very solid, successful company. With the restructuring of the TTP Group in the past two years, we have also significantly strengthened VenturisIT GmbH in Bad Soden. By building up new development capacities for our software, VenturisIT will have the opportunity to react even faster to customer requests in the future. Development and sales activities are concentrated in the Bad Soden location. In addition, we will actively support the growth of VenturisIT from TTP and create opportunities to improve VenturisIT’s competitive position on the market with new functionalities and improved software products and thus to please customers.

Will the new structure change anything for VenturisIT customers? For example, do the contacts remain the same?

The successful development of the company in recent years is closely linked to the current management. That is why we fully support this management. To what extent something about the personal contact person at VenturisIT changes for our customers will depend on how quickly we can continue our growth path and thus employ new colleagues at VenturisIT. On the development side, there will be some new contacts in Bad Soden.

Which areas are looked after by VenturisIT?

Building services engineering and plant design make up the lion’s share of VenturisIT’s sales with around 80 percent of sales. By focusing, innovations can now be implemented even faster. Here we will continue to invest in building new capacities.

The growth has occurred in recent years in particular in the field of building services engineering and plant design.

Does the TTP have a strategy or vision 2025? What part does VenturisIT take on?

The long-term strategy of the TTP has been established. We will continue to expand our market position as a reliable engineering service company within Europe. As a direct subsidiary of TTP, VenturisIT is part of this growth strategy.

Thank you for talking to us!

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