New TRICAD MS Release 2022.0

Smart functions ensure more than 30% time savings in all TGA trades. The economy continues to increase while working more comfortably at the same time.

Bad Soden, January 21, 2022. With the new Release 2022.0, TRICAD MS offers users outstanding new options for planning TGA projects and systems faster and with even higher quality:

More than 30% time savings – this is made possible by the extended “SmartContinue” function. It can be used in all TGA planning modules and can be individually adapted if required. By intelligently predicting the required part (e.g. a straight piece follows an arc) and by assigning shortcut keys for frequently used commands, significant screen paths with the mouse are saved. Smart Continue means: Working without a handicap.

Planners can supply documented quality with the completely revised add-on module “Quality Check”. This minimizes the number of correction loops.

With the new 2D/3D synchronization function in TRICAD MS 2022.0, 2D schemes can be linked to 3D floor plans. This is possible bi-directionally. Differences are noticeable due to the necessary comparison of the attributes of 2D and 3D; this also increases the quality.

The breakthrough function has been completely redesigned and simplified. Openings can now also be placed freely (in the xyz direction). The placed 3D breakthrough can be edited; dimensions are calculated automatically.

Labeling is also more convenient from the new version: optionally two columns, Unicode characters such as e.g. for diameter and the possibility of subsequent changes simplify handling and thus ensure an increase in efficiency.

In addition to Bentley Systems’ MicroStation and OpenBuildings Designer, the 3D CAD software for TGA and plant design now also runs on another basic platform: OpenBuildings Speedikon. It serves to improve compliance with building standards and building regulations.

If TRICAD MS 2022.0 is used for the end-to-end project planning (possibly according to BIM), this can also be used for digital twins.


TRICAD MS is a brand of VenturisIT GmbH, a subsidiary of TTP Group. With TRICAD MS, we have been developing 3D CAD solutions for demanding building services engineering and plant design projects since 1983. We are dedicated to simplifying the way our customers design building services and plants by allowing them work smarter, faster and more efficiently.

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