SPEKTRUM – VenturisIT In-House Exhibition 2022

We were very pleased to finally meet you, dear customers, in person again. Because the VenturisIT team cares about one thing in particular: YOUR PERFORMANCE. So that you can deliver your plans quickly and in high quality when planning TGA or plants with our 3D CAD software TRICADms. Today and also in the future. We are sure that you, too, have taken away from our SPEKTRUM in-house exhibition some very specific points that are relevant to YOU and from whose effect you will benefit directly.

We have compared our software with the largest Swiss army knife – there is a suitable tool for every application. Now you know besides the standard also the many other tools incl. Calculations from Solar Computer that enable you to make your team’s daily work more efficient from a technical and BIM point of view – with data continuity, across the performance phases and into the lifecycle.

We also LISTENED to you. Ideas, plans and wishes discussed. Who better to tell us what your TRICADms of tomorrow should offer? Thank you very much for the rich input and the confirmation that our plans are going in the right direction.

There was also an exciting customer presentation by Daniel Gantner, Hälg (CH) on the design of HVAC control centers. And our partner Bentley took us into the fascinating world of iTWINS, among other things.

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