Topic no. 3 of our new online seminar series ``TRICAD MS Application Efficiency``


Unified work experience
with Environments

Upon request only

Time: 9:00 am – 1:00 pm
Location: MS Teams
Participants: 6


A unified, simple approach for all project participants

With an env file, you can define (customer)-specific environment settings and link them to a project. With your client’s settings, paths, libraries and menus, you can edit the project according to their specifications.

In particular, clients / coordinators of large projects can manage and control the suppliers via environments. Environments also offer many advantages for medium-sized projects. Because:

All settings for TRICAD MS are defined in a “TRICAD MS env”.


You will receive an in-depth first look at how to set up a project-specific environment.


  • Implementation of a central guideline for all trades that is available digitally
  • Importing the “TRICAD MS env” to suppliers / partners
  • Setting of line types, line widths, colors, levels
  • All types of media such as supply air, exhaust air, etc.
  • Pipe materials and insulation (including fire protection insulation)
  • Components / cells with manufacturer data if desired up to VDS / FM
  • Display format of the bills of quantities
  • Consideration of component sizes for large projects
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