Because your plans are just great!

TRICAD MS is an application based on MicroStation or OpenBuildings Designer.

Based on Bentley platforms and our product TRICAD MS accelerate The planning of all trades. To steer Your planning processes based on a individually created environment .

Regardless of whether both are newly introduced together or an existing MicroStation / OpenBuildings Designer installation is extended in a beneficial way with TRICAD MS, both can be implemented equally well. After the basic installation, the individual configuration starts.

Simple exchange between client and contractor
The basic functions of the core systems MicroStation or OpenBuildings Designer are fully used
Consistency to the Bentley View / Navisworks viewer
Automatic quality check
One program for all trades
A model with end-to-end intelligence in the basic core system
Uniform way of working in all modules
Uniform project work by the "TRICAD MS env" (Environment)

Planning tool for demanding, interdisciplinary projects

With TRICAD MS you can accelerate your planning projects of any size. You plan all trades in the building services and plant construction in three dimensions. In a planning environment specially created for you, you create consistency and sustainability on the basis of the TRICAD MS and Bentley Systems platforms. You can meaningfully integrate your planning into follow-up processes such as BIM and digital twins.

Since 1983 we have been simplifying the planning of TGA projects and systems for our customers and making them clearer, faster and therefore more economical. We are thus creating an important prerequisite for the efficient implementation of infrastructure projects.

.Simple solution for complex tasks .

What distinguishes this 3D planning tool from the user's point of view?

From a purely economic point of view, one of the advantages of TRICAD MS is the comparatively low investment and follow-up costs, believe many customers – other tools put you off with three to five times higher operating costs. Although there are now tools that are even more cost-effective, they also have limited functions. TRICAD MS has a good market position in this regard, with low costs, a wide range of functions and all the modules required for planning. The underlying MicroStation / OpenBuildings Designer platform is valued as a “good engine” with outstanding graphics.

The comparatively high flexibility of the tool itself and the possibility of direct contact with the VenturisIT experts offer another advantage: short-term optimizations are implemented in a targeted manner.

Image module

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.First choice also for system planning .

More quickly. More flexible. More individual.

needs systems based on modular concepts.

The aim is to repeat certain basic functions in such systems over and over again in order to optimize processing and assembly times. The focus is on the idea of raising a tried and tested solution to the standard and repeating it – a copy & paste, so to speak, followed by plug & play. This also facilitates documentation for qualification and validation in the regulated area.

The planning tool required for this must convert the planner’s know-how into an intelligent 3D model.
High-performance planning tools such as TRICAD MS also improve the planner’s productivity – through

  • Error prevention (collision check, data is only entered once in an integrated tool),
  • the opportunity of multiple use of plant components once they have been planned (keyword: modular plant planning),
  • the possibility of parallel planning across different trades.

.High quality trilogy .

A lot of intelligence for your work result!

TRICAD MS provides you with everything you need for your great plans.



Functions are grouped in trade-specific modules. This way you only buy what you need for your subject area.


Additional useful intelligence is provided by integrated calculations which, in cooperation with our partners, round off the range of functions.


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.So check who is tied for a long time .

Only the best for your great plans!

High-quality engineering know-how is best exploited with a powerful engineering tool. With this requirement, planners start looking for a new system.


Important criteria for the evaluation of a new 3D planning tool are

  • moderate operating costs
  • Flexibility for an uncomplicated and quick project setup
  • low maintenance
  • transparent and flexible license model
  • Integration into an existing system landscape

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As a CAD / CAE planning tool, TRICAD MS offers specific modules with a uniform user interface for all trades in technical building equipment and system planning. An essential feature of this tool is the possibility of integrated, cross-trade planning. The integration of calculation algorithms is also possible. In addition to moderate operating costs, the flexibility also speaks for an uncomplicated and quick project setup for entry into TRICAD MS. Last but not least, the transparent and flexible license model is convincing.