The TRICAD BCF Manager, now also available as a plug-in for MicroStation, OpenBuildings Designer and OpenBuildings Speedikon

Issues can now be created and managed directly in MicroStation - Shared Data Environment in the Cloud (CDE) - Synchronisation on one platform

“Teamwork makes the dream work”: we bring together the different trades and companies working on a construction project.

For the areas of building services and plant design, VenturisIT has already been offering the option of working with BCF (BIM Collaboration Format) within TRICAD MS for years. So far you have received the BCF Manager as an add-on to our IFC interface.

Now you can license as many licenses for BCF Manager for TRICAD MS as you like, also separately – independent of the IFC interface.

In addition, pure MicroStation users such as architects or structural engineers can now take advantage of BCF directly in the drawing, even if they are not TRICAD MS users.

With BCF, we use an open file format that allows text comments, snapshots, etc. to be added beyond the IFC model level to improve communication between stakeholders. This separates the communication from the actual model.

VenturisIT GmbH has developed the BIMCollab BCF Manager now also natively in MicroStation intgeriert. With our new BCF Manager for MicroStation they can now directly in the model to your issues directly in the model. TRICAD MS users can use BCFas usual also completely inteintegrated within TRICAD MS as usual.use.


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