Switch to OpenBuildings Designer now and save money!

With OpenBuildings Designer, the multidisciplinary BIM software for architects and engineers, you get the power to design, analyze, document, and visualize buildings – without limitations on their size, shape, or complexity.

Switch now from any other CAD software to Bentley Systems’ OpenBuildings Designer BIM software and secure your discount until 08/25/2023!

Any CAD software you currently own and have under maintenance (not from Bentley Systems) is eligible for this conversion discount.

20% discount on OpenBuildings designer annual rentals
30% discount on OpenBuildings Designer perpetual licenses, with SELECT maintenance. If you have any questions, please contact us at+4961967612922 or sales@venturisit.de

This is how you will get the discounts:

Simply provide proof of ownership of your BIM/CAD software and email it to us:

Please send us an e-mail to sales@venturisit.de. You will then receive a message with instructions for ordering as well as your discount voucher.

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