Geotechnical Analysis Software

Conquer any geotechnical project with confidence.
Perform advanced finite element or limit equilibrium analysis of soil and rock deformation and stability, as well as soil structure interaction, groundwater, and heat flow.

Efficiently model, analyze, and report on any geoengineering project with Bentley’s comprehensive geotechnical software application, PLAXIS. Confidently design and analyze soil and rock deformation and stability, soil structure interaction and groundwater, as well as heat flow with 2D and 3D geotechnical applications.

PLAXIS 3D WorkSuite

Comprehensive 3D Geotechnical Analysis Software Suite

PLAXIS 3D WorkSuite includes PLAXIS 3D Ultimate, PLAXIS 3D LE, and PLAXIS Designer.

PLAXIS 2D WorkSuite

Perform Design and Analysis of Soil, Rock, and Associated Structures
Take advantage of finite element method and limit equilibrium method capabilities for the design and analysis of soil, rock, and associated structures.


Rely on Proven 3D Geotechnical Analysis
Trust the 3D geotechnical analysis that has proven to be robust and reliable in settlement, stress, and safety analysis for more than 25 years.

PLAXIS 3D includes the most essential functionality to perform everyday deformation and safety analysis for soil and rock, which do not require the consideration of creep, steady state groundwater, consolidation analysis, or any time-dependent effects.


Complete 2D Geotechnical Analysis Software
Perform two-dimensional finite element analysis of deformation and stability in geotechnical engineering and rock mechanics.


Essential LEM Slope Stability Analysis
Accomplish engineering analysis of slope stability, groundwater flow, and consolidation.