MicroStation CONNECT 2D/3D Basics

Aim:  2D/3D MicroStation CONNECT Basic knowledge for creation of TRICAD drawings 


  • Seed file, units, coordinate output
  • PCF and UCF files
  • Project Management
  • The new MicroStation Manager
  • The new surface with ribbon technology
  • The new CONNECT Edition settings dialogs
  • Changes and new features at work:
    • Dependent Design Function
    • GPS connection
    • Display Rules
    • Hatching and patterning
    • Changes to point clouds
    • Element info
    • Print output / Printer selection
    • AutoCAD 2016/2018 support
    • Tables in MicroStation CONNECT
    • Blocks
  • New features for cells
  • Grids, colors
  • Configuring levels, names, symbols
  • Basic drawing and text functions
  • AccuDraw in 2D/3D
  • Cell libraries
  • Cross sections, creating plot plans

Duration: 3 days 

Target group:  TRICAD MS® users