Basics MicroStation V8i 2D/3D

Basics MicroStation V8i till March 2019


MicroStation 2D/3D basics Knowledge for generating TRICAD drawings


  • Seed file, units, coordinates output
  • PCF and UCF files
  • Project Management
  • Grids, colours
  • Configuring levels, names, symbols
  • Basic drawing and text functions
  • AccuDraw 2D/3D
  • Cell libraries
  • Generate sections, plot layout

The MicroStation Basics training in version V8i will only be held until March 2019. Starting from April 2019 all MicroStation Basic trainings will take place  in the CONNECT edition. Please find the dates from May 2019 here. If you still wish to receive a MicroStation V8i Basics training course, please send us your individual request to or contact us by phone at +49 6196 76129 - 0. Thank you very much.