Basics MicroStation CONNECT from May 2019

Basics MicroStation CONNECT from May 2019

  • December
    Mon., 07.12. – Wed., 09.12.2020,
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  • Aim:

    MicroStation CONNECT 2D/3D Basic knowledge for creating TRICAD MS® drawings


    • The new MicroStation Manager
    • The new surface with ribbon technology 
    • The new CONNECT Edition settings dialogs 
    • Changes and new features at work: 
      • Dependent Design Function 
      • GPS connection 
      • Display Rules 
      • Hatching and patterning 
      • Changes to point clouds 
      • Element info 
      • Print output / Printer selection 
      • AutoCAD 2016/2018 support 
      • Tables in MicroStation CONNECT 
      • Blocks 
    • New features for cells

    Group training MicroStation basics in the V8i version will no longer be available from May 2019. If you still wish to receive a MicroStation V8i Basics training course after April 2019, please send us your individual request to or contact us by phone at +49 6196 76129 - 0. Thank you very much.