TRICAD MS® Licensing

To receive your TRICAD MS® licenses as quickly as possible, please fill in the Online form and send it to

You will then receive your TRICAD MS® licence within a short period of time. Please note that you can only receive one licence so please ensure that it is for the correct MAC address at your work place (single user licence) or server (network licence).

If you are not sure about how to read out the MAC address, get in touch with our hotline

TRICAD MS® re-licensing

Should you require a new TRICAD MS® licence, please send this form, completely filled in, giving the reason and with your legally binding signature to

Details of the fees for this service can be found on the form.

Connect Licensing

For your information:

The check-in and check-out is still possible with CONNECT Licensing directly at the client computer and via the central license management by an administrator.

All current details are available here