Major patch for TRICAD MS 2018.5

A new patch has been compiled for TRICAD MS version 2018.5. We release the second patch for the November 2018 version. Read more here.
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TRICAD MS Release 2018.5 available for download


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Another patch for TRICAD MS 2018.0

For the TRICAD MS versions 2018.0 a comprehensive patch has been compiled again. For TRICAD MS 2018.0 we provide the 3rd patch. Several modifications have been made since the last patch on July 3, 2018.
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New Patch for TRICAD MS® 2018.0

A new Patch for TRICAD MS® Version 2018.0 has been put together. We issue the second Patch for TRICAD MS® 2018.0 (PDF). A lot of work has been done since the first patch from May 3rd 2018. Especially changes regarding IFC have been implemented. You can find further information and details in our patch notes.
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Release 2018.0 and Patch 2017.5

The expected final patch for TRICAD MS Version 2017.5 has been put together. It is the third patch for this version of November 2017. TRICAD MS Release 2018.0 for MicroStation V8i is now available to you as service customer with immediate effect. You will find further information and details of TRICAD 2018.0 in the Release-Notes.
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3rd patch for TRICAD MS 2017.5

We issue the 3rd patch for TRICAD MS 2017.5. (PDF) A lot has been done since the last patch from November 30th 2017.
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New Patches for TRICAD MS 2017.0 and 2017.5

For the TRICAD MS Release 2017.0 and 2017.5 patches are available. We give out the 5th and last patch for the TRICAD MS Rel. 2017.0 For TRICAD MS 2017.5 it is the 2. patch, a smaller update of the first one. More information you will find in the patch notes.
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Another Patch for current TRICAD MS 2017.0

We issue the fourth patch for TRICAD MS Rel.2017.0. Currently, some of BUGS reported by customers were repaired.
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Neuer Patch für TRICAD MS 2017.0

We issue the third patch for TRICAD MS Rel.2017.0.
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