LuArtX IT and VenturisIT Announce Collaboration

LuArtX IT and VenturisIT set the seal on their collaboration on Thursday, 13/06/2019. In selling CarF software, with our hotline services as well as with the provision of training and consulting services VenturisIT resumes the continuous support of existing and potential customers in the MicroStation environment.

The customer sees hardly any change due to the agreed collaboration, the customer continues to have a single contact person for MicroStation, TRICAD MS and CarF. Only the installation takes place separately. CarF incorporates the modules factory planning and transportation, and TRICAD MS includes the modules building technology and plant planning. There are also two different licences for CarF and TRICAD MS - although the technical functionality is identical.


Several developers in our company split off some time ago and set up LuArtX IT as an independent business. They are developing further the factory planning modules on their own. They have managed to acquire development contracts from automobile companies within a short space of time. The first companies are already prescribing the CarF software. The CarF modules data model corresponds to the TRICAD MS modules and is consistent.

If you would like a quotation or you have questions about CarF, simply get in touch with us. We will gladly provide you with the appropriate advice.

We can be contacted at:

Sales: Joris Lenz

Hotline No. +49 6196 76129-29  

We look forward to an ongoing good cooperation.

Your VenturisIT team