VenturisIT supports student

Lisa Marie Paprotny studies architecture and real estate management at the Fachhochschule des Mittelstands (SME university of applied sciences) in Hannover. In the context of a scientific paper about "Building Information Modelling – Implementation of an innovative Software in a planning agency" we got into a conversation with her. We invited Ms Paprotny to participate free of charge in our BIM in the industry seminar in the Brackstedter Mühle in Wolfsburg.

After the seminar was concluded Ms Paprotny conducted an interview with our colleague Andreas Gudrian concerning BIM and implementation issues. Our colleague is a knowledgeable expert for the practical application of BIM in and was able to answer the questions of the student of architecture and real estate management. We wish Ms Paprotny all the best and success in pursuing her career and would be happy to keep in contact with her.