User Meeting 2018

VenturisIT: 2018 user meeting

CONNECT lends BIM wings

At the 2018 user meeting (this year the 160 participants met at the Mainz Hilton, with a great location directly on the banks of the Rhine) the focus was on one important issue: BIM should not be seen as a punishment but rather as a valuable work methodology. Let us anticipate an important judgement right away:  On closer examination, the philosophy of comprehensive project implementation that underlies CONNECT turns out to be an excellent basis for the working methodology according to BIM!

How does BIM work in practice? Thomas Espig (M + M client) started his presentation with the remark that „more is still theorised than realized in practice“. From the outset, it is important for him to define the responsibilities and agree on the level of detail required. It also requires a time definition. BIM actually only starts at level 3 (this means: integrated interdisciplinary planning over the entire life cycle of a building). His experience: In a BIM project there are ten times more heating, water and electricity objects than architectural objects (e.g. in a specific project he counted 4,000 architectural objects compared to 45,000 heating, water and electricity objects). With this project, the first lesson they learned from BIM that the initially planned building would be simply too small for all the technical building equipment.

Lesson learned: BIM means that already from the design stage on a greater effort is required right from the start (because of the higher level of detail needed compared to traditional planning). Thomas Espig’s conclusion: Start BIM in small steps. But start now!

Matthias Bertholdt (shareholder of Amcad) was also a missionary for BIM: Being anxious about BIM was widespread but unfounded. Basically, all the tools are available, they just need some training (e.g. an IFC interface etc.). However,  BIM only function successfully if implementation processes are established and the roles of participants are clear, the data transfer interfaces have been defined and the management of the joint data is regulated. „Acceptance and implementation by the client is decisive for economic viability!“ If the client/operator fails to maintain the data, the entire BIM project is a waste of time! His advice: Introducing the BIM method into a company or project is a job for management! Employees should be taken along from the start, otherwise it won’t work. He sees the overflow of CAD data with information as a danger. He is convinced that not all information should be kept in the CAD, rather, a database should be sought as a central source.

Data link between TRICAD MS and pit-FM
Linking data from the CAD (Computer Aided Design) planning of the building for use in building management (CAFM – Computer Aided Facility Management) is a practice that has been used since years. The associated advantages for administration (commercial systems) and maintenance of technical crafts are convincing arguments.

With BIM most of all complex commercial buildings and infrastructure projects step into focus – and with that large data amounts come into play. Microstation is a particularly suitable platform to handle very large amounts of data in technical building equipment planning. And this is the exact combination – a CAD planning software based on MicroStation together with a high-performance CAFM system customised for a variety of functional areas– that has been missing on the market until now.

VenturisIT GmbH and pit-cup GmbH are now filling this gap: They have agreed close cooperation. The new partners have developed an interface between TRICAD MS and pit-FM. This provides an integrated and interdisciplinary digital real estate life cycle management is also available for large properties. Cost- and time-consuming multiple surveys of technical facilities and areas are no longer necessary.

CONNECT: V8i replaced by 2020 at the latest
Until 2020 TRICAD MS will also continue to be maintained on the V8i platform; thereafter only CONNECT will be available. This means  CONNECT will be a must in the medium terms. Regarding to BIM, this can only be beneficial, as CONNECT opens up completely new possibilities for comprehensive project management in the context of integrated project work with the inclusion of analytical modelling and design and construction modelling.

So at the user meeting the best way to install MicroStation CONNECT was presented. CONNECT (approx. 6 GB) has to be downloaded from the Bentley page. This means that an internet connection is mandatory for the installation. The language setup has to be loaded separately. Our recommendation: Previous CONNECT versions should be uninstalled completely! Without full local administration rights installation is not possible.

How should installation take place: online or offline? In case you choose Online, all necessary data is downloaded directly and completely over the internet during the installation process, temporary filed and deleted. Using Offline, everything is stored once and for all in a folder. Access is triggered by a parameter.

Generally spoken, the English version will always be installed and the corresponding language package depending on the source application. The recommendation from VenturisIT is to make the initial installation in English (=EN) and then install the German language package (=DE). In the interface of MicroStation CONNECT the language can be changed in the settings dialogue at any time.

Thereafter, MicroStation CONNECT is available for 7 days without being aligned with the Bentley licence server, but be aware that any activity is being recorded and will be reported to the SELECT-Server after license entry.

By the way: If the user continues to make the same mistakes, CONNECT recommends specific training …

2019 user meeting Please note: The next user meeting will take place from 26 to 27 June 2019.