Facts and figures of VenturisIT GmbH (2019 figures)

VenturisIT not only produces soft­ware products like TRICAD MS®, but also ideas that change entire sectors. This spirit is what distinguishes us. Without the creativity of our employees and their ideas none of this would be conceivable. With 31,750 licences in 34 countries in 2019 we have exceeded all expectations once again.

Since then we have enhanced our commitment to our customers. We have gained 57 new customers. At the end of 2019 for example we were able to proudly survey a customer base of 1,878 customers in 34 countries, of which 1,438 were from Germany.

We have built a partnership with our customers overseas. A result of this is that we do around a third of our business abroad, although we only started selling overseas five years ago. Our commitment has had the effect of enhancing our position in the automobile industry.