Database vDB

The database is an optional extra that can be activated at any time and that is not mandatory during the design phase.

You can operate the database and drawing interface in parallel. Avoid duplicate entry of data and copy errors by creating a link between the 2D Schematic and 3D installation plan. The database allows you to connect all other TRICAD MS® modules and interact with them. The table view and tree structure provides comprehensive information at all times.

Take advantage of the wide-ranging filter functions supplied as standard to focus on specific components or areas of your plant. Use the link between records and drawing objects, supported by a highlight function, to locate components in drawings. Integrate external documentation and specifications directly with the object. Use the inherit function to pass on information to all objects, making duplicate entries superfluous. Build in added design security with comprehensive verification routines that also take account of linked graphical objects.


  • Management of all elements in the project
  • AKS Structure
  • Verification routines for design security
  • Filter functions for specific components
  • Avoid copy errors between 2D and 3D
  • Integrate external documentation
  • Highlighter function

The Plant Design brochure can be found in the download area.