Conveyor Systems

Use the Conveyor Systems layout module to place the required elements for suspended and floor conveyor systems using an appropriate configuration dialog.

Almost 20 different conveyor types are available for your use, each of which has its own configuration dialog. The selection includes roller conveyors, skid conveyors, monorail, FTS, etc. Drop protection, block cages and switchgear are all included too. A bill of equipment can be visualized easily in Excel.

In addition, you can enter unit prices for the parts. Place switchgear and protecting fences around the conveyor elements. Doors and penetrations can be added to fences and grilles at any time.


  • Suspended (or overhead) conveyor systems
  • Ground-level conveyor systems
  • Protective fences with doors and penetrations
  • Bill of equipment of all conveyor systems and components
  • Drop protection
  • Integrated vehicle envelope calculation

The Digital factory design brochure can be found in the download area.