Digital Factory Design

Leading the Automotive Sector

The high number of CAD order developments that have been carried out with automotive companies in the context of digital factories is a clear indication that TRICAD MS® is a worthwhile investment for automotive firms and their suppliers. For this reason, among many, VenturisIT has become one of the major suppliers of applications to the German automotive sector in recent years.

Nevertheless, these flexible software solutions can also be deployed in many other areas. Factory halls must often be reconfigured and renovated due to the individual characteristics of the various products that are made in them, according to the manufacturer's requirements. We provide you with a powerful 3D CAD tool that will allow you to view the entire hall and make changes quickly and effectively, so that errors and construction halts can be avoided. You can design the steelwork of the stages and staircases, standing and wall-mounted cranes, and place shelving, protective cages and machinery. You cal also create curve envelopes for your trailer vehicles and HGVs.

The different conveyor system types can be adjusted so flexibly that they can carry anything from automobiles to washing machines. Many other items, such as luggage at airports, medicines, screws and wall plugs must be transported and stored in high-bay warehouses.

Simple implementation and a short learning curve.

The introduction of TRICAD MS® will improve your productivity. The simple structure of the software means you will be up and running within just a few days. Every module is created in the same way. It is not necessary to have a database, since all the information is contained in the DGN file. In this way, the TRICAD MS® 3D model can create a virtual version of the entire building or factory. Our pioneering software solution also guarantees your investment in training and buildings data, thus creating direct competitive advantage with a high degree of flexibility.

Overview of the main advantages:

  • Define your own company standards
  • Uniform 3D design process
  • Design entire hall layouts
  • Design workstations and space requirements
  • Reduce or even avoid collisions
  • Bills of equipment for all objects
  • Create your own custom shelving
  • Create machine installation plans
  • Adjust load bearers to your own needs and save
  • Define emergency exits and routes for the emergency services.

Here you find videos to some of our applications concerning Digital Factory Design.

If you would like to find out what advantages your company could obtain from working with TRICAD MS®, call us on +49 6196 76129-0, or send us an E-Mail.