This independent Building module allows you to design sprinkler systems quite easily in accordance with the VDS regulations and FM standard.

Connection routines for comb and double-comb layouts as well as a free connection function support your 3D design. You can use predefined filters, such as the maximum area covered per sprinkler, maximum wall distance and minimum wall distance, to verify the placement of sprinklers.

The calculation can be performed using IDAT's WinSprink software. You can also use the add-on tool Iso X to generate production isometric drawings for the planned pipe network.


  • Divider planning
  • Design and construction assistants
  • Bill of equipment of all components, pipelines and parts
  • Tank and distributor configuration
  • Automatic connection routines for sprinkler heads
  • IDAT interface to calculate the sprinkler network

The Building Services Engineering brochure can be found in the download area.