This module allows you to place electrical installation components in 2D and 3D.

In addition you can place switchgear and cable runs/ducts, directly in the 3D area. Supports such as booms, consoles, suspension and top plates can be positioned automatically along the route of the cable runs. Label the components with all the properties and add any other properties you require (e.g. article number, order number, etc.) to the standard. All properties can be listed in Excel.

Use the additional module TRICAD MS® Elaplan to carry out an illumination calculation with the 3D visualization of the illumination area.


  • Intelligent components (manufacturer-specific or neutral)
  • 3D power bars
  • Cable tray filling (capacity, total weight)
  • Bill of equipment of all components, parts and trays
  • Lighting calculations

The Building Services Engineering brochure can be found in the download area.