Building Module

Designing in the 3D model always means needing access to a 3D architect's model. With our Buidling module that is not always the case, since buildings can be created quickly and simply in the form of solid models.

While it cannot be compared to a professional architect's CAD system, building models can be created easily by defining key points. Place walls using start and end points, using the outside or inside edge or the centre line as a reference. Component types adapt automatically to the predefined values for the corresponding buidling storey. Alternatively you can select polygonal chains already defined in a 2D floor plan. The walls are created automatically in accordance with the predefined settings. You can set penetrations at any time and then change them subsequently. Additions such a s windows and doors can be placed in the qalls quickly and easily.


  • Included in every 3D TGA module
  • Predefined windows and doors
  • Easy-to-extend components
  • Bills of equipment for all objects
  • Additional functionality in our layout module

The Building Services Engeneering and Plant Design brochures can be found in the download area.