Design, model, visualize, document
and plot with MicroStation

MicroStation is used by architects and engineers to ensure problem-free cooperation and optimum project work. With the provision and integrated, user-friendly and flexible functions, MicroStation helps teams to improve their methods for designing, modeling, visualizing, documenting and plotting in projects of all types and size.

In contrast to competing products, the MicroStation platform provides successful integration into the world's most comprehensive software package for problem-free collaborations between solutions for different user groups and markets.

Key differentiators:

Proven CAD products

  • Software preferred by users with the most stringent demands
  • Short learning curve and easy to use
  • Fully integrated into 2D and 3D workflows
  • Optional: integrated collision viewer with Excel Reports

Mature software platform

  • The application development platform has been used successfully for more than 20 years
  • Several thousand major projects have been carried out using MicroStation

Guaranteed intra-operability

  • Fully integrated application
  • Inter-operability with third-party software
  • Reuse content and knowledge

MicroStation is the preferred CAD platform for companies working on global infrastructure projects and who want to chart new territory in the drawing of designs.

Companies around the world are making increasing use of DGN and DWG files.

You probably already know that 95% of all infrastructure installations around the world have been drawn, constructed and operated using DGN and DWG files. But did you know that users can use MicroStation can edit content in both formats directly, at the same time? That makes MicroStation a platform with a level of interoperability the like of which you have been seeking.

An integrated platform for innovation

MicroStation is a platform that allows you to innovate in a comprehensive software package. Users can adapt applications using the VBA language and develop industry-specific solutions to increase productivity without affecting data integrity within your project.

The elite of the world's designers use MicroStation

In view of the above, it is no surprise that MicroStation is used across all industries, including by architects, engineers, cartographers, and contractors in the scope of AEC projects or map making. MicroStation is therefore the standard for the design elite in the ENR Global 150.

If you would like to read more about our Bentley Micro Station please feel free to download our PDF Brochure.